Amy Zhai

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Amy Zhai

Treasury Analyst

My purpose is to live a life with courage, curiosity, integrity and be a positive force to the life of others.


Amy's story

Be fearless. I recently stepped out my comfort zone as a finance person, which I had been passionate for more than 15 years, and started a new journey in the treasury world. With curiosity, I am keen to learn, interested in the unknown, and eager to explore all possibilities.

I truly believe Maia Financial will be the game changer in the industry and that I will be a positive force to this great journey.

Integrity is something I will never compromise. I respect others and stay true to myself, I am honest in my own mistakes and responsible for my behaviour.

Amy Zhai

“My legs are shaking, stand up anyway; My voice is trembling, speak up anyway; I am scared, show up anyway!”

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