Adrian Reef

Adrian Reef

Senior Director, Structured Finance

At the heart and soul of Maia Financial is creativity and innovation, which means that no problem is too challenging to solve for existing and new clients alike.


Adrian's Story

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant at Arthur Andersen in South Africa, I worked at Macquarie Bank for over 18 years in Sydney and Hong Kong.

At Macquarie I was a Managing Director in the group’s global structured finance and equity derivatives and trading businesses.

These cross-border solutions involved the innovative use of equity, debt and hybrid instruments and were compliant across the regulatory, taxation and accounting spectrum. Over the course of my career at Macquarie I was responsible for originating and executing tailored fundraising solutions for both the group and its clients across multiple jurisdictions.

Travis Kalanick, founder UBER

“Every problem has a solution.  You just have to be creative enough to find it.”

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