Asset Management Services

Crane outdoors for IFRS 16 page by Ksenia Kudelkina, Unsplash

Asset Management Services

Helping businesses maximise asset and infrastructure efficiency to focus on operations.

At Maia Financial we assist our clients by taking responsibility for the purchase, ownership, long-term maintenance and related service delivery of business critical assets.

On 1 January 2019, IFRS 16 comes into effect. The new accounting standard will remove the classification of operating and finance leases, thereby impacting business performance ratios, including gearing, EBITDA, EPS, and RoE.


This change will drive the need for greater efficiencies in asset management, particularly for organisations that require ongoing, substantial investment in plant, equipment and infrastructure. Businesses need to consider how to utilise their assets efficiently or outsource so they can focus on operations.

At Maia Financial our approach to asset management services looks beyond traditional lending models. We have created a solution that combines our balance sheet with our willingness to take responsibility for long-term maintenance and service provision.

This solution enables our clients to deliver exceptional services, supported by specialised infrastructure, plant and equipment without the need to deploy capital.

It’s another way we help you tackle the challenges of a rapidly evolving market.

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